Range of friction materials used by SB Nagamochi brake pads includes:

C64 C02 C13 E3 M75 M76 M73 MS1
Ceramic for light vehicles Ceramic for light vehicles Ceramic for 4WD / Pick ups / Vans Ceramic for 4WD / Pick ups / Vans Low metalic for light EURO vehicles Low metalic for 4WD / Pick ups / Vans Carbon metallic for EURO cars Performance formula


Non Asbestos Organic, Non-abrasive Semi and Low Metallic plus several types of Ceramic materials with different additives and unique production processes are used in production range. All the above materials are environmentally friendly - with lowest brake dust levels to protect the environment and keep your rims free off unsightly brake dust. The friction class by LINK dynamic test for all formulations is from “F” to “H”. It guarantees drivers highest road safety with high resistance to FADE (brake power loss in extreme situation). The extensive range of options guarantees comfortable and effective brake operation for each different car and driving style and ensure safety on road and long life of brake rotor.

Brake Shoes for
Passenger cars

Organic and non-ferrous fibres formulation specially designed to provide safe and comfortable drive for passenger vehicles. It is an ultra-quiet, low dust and long lasting material. It is gentle on brake drums and has a stable coefficient of friction over a wide range of temperatures and speeds. It is well known for its qualities of smooth progressive brake and great safety in extreme braking.

Brake Shoes for trucks
and buses

The unique combination of Mineral Wool and Metallic fibre. It’s also contains brass, acrylic and glass fibres blended with good structural integrity. This formula perfectly suits air brake systems used in commercial vehicles. It has excellent heat stability and is designed to work with great radial and tangential loads. It is gentle on the mating surface and consistent in performance over a wide range of cycles.